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With Over 20 Years Experience...

In carpentry, craftsmanship and design. Our passion for beautiful bespoke outdoor carpentry inspires us to create and manufacture high quality products.

Our full range of products have been developed for a family’s love of being outside and to enhance all aspects of life in a range of ways for all ages – from a puppy with his cosy kennel to a 5 year old with a passion for imaginary play, an 8 year old explorer who can’t resist jumping and climbing, an 11 year old daughter seeking space to do her music videos to the grown ups who love starting the day with breakfast in the garden space and finishing it in the evening sitting out with a burner and enjoying a glass of wine.

Our products enhance every aspect of outdoor living. Our bespoke children's play equipment enhances rather than spoils garden space, our custom outdoor storage can be adapted to meet all needs to hide away the clutter that comes with children, our bespoke log stores with their living sedum roofs, make an attractive feature of a pile of wood – the list goes on.

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As part of our unique service we offer a free consultation to discuss your requirements